Here is my story how did I change the unchangeable!

3 years ago I had a motor accident and I was about losing my leg.

I was told I have no choice and even if I will have my leg I cannot walk again bacause of the constant pain by not having cartilage in my ankle.

Now, I can walk, I have no pain, I go to workout 4 times a week, I got married to the most beautiful soul in this planet and I'm about creating something beyond my expectations.

Do I have bad days? Do I have fears? Am I out of my confortzone? My answer is a big: YES!

But, I do know one thing... Even if I feel lost and hopeless sometimes, I do have a choice! I always have a choice how I respond and how I react!

In this short video I talk about how did I change the unchangeable and how did I come over the situation that I was told I cannot change!

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