1 May 2020 I Budapest, Hungary

I started to write my first book. The topic is; how to let go.

It's been a while that I was searching for the right time to start.

I plan to share my own life experiences. 

How did I save my leg from amputation through letting go and so much more story is to come in this book.

I will be sharing also many of my practical and pragmatic tools and it will have a workbook at the end.


So excited to share!


6 May 2020 I Budapest, Hungary


Since returning to Budapest I have developed my own coaching technique based on releasing the core beliefs that stop us from achieving our highest performance and happiness, at work, and in our private life.


It’s called the Lettin’Go Technique®.


It’s a set of tools, techniques, and philosophy that will change any part of our life that isn’t working the way we’d like it to. It also helps us to find solutions to problems that are repeated over and over again in our lives.

These specific release techniques allow us to create a greater life and possibilities beyond the patterns and programs that have been taken in the past.


In an effort to provide evidence of our work, my team and I are currently conducting research with a group of 50 individuals.