Passionate About Inspiring Others

My name is Nikolett Erdelyi.


Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator,

also facilitator of the Sedona Method™,

Letting Go Specialist and founder of

The Lettin'Go® technique.


I am working with private clients and holding classes about releasing and consciousness since 2015.


I am using my own technique, called The Lettin'Go Method®, the tools of Access Consciousness® and the Sedona Method™'s letting-go techniques.

My self-development and my studies started right after a serious accident years ago,

when I have had a near-death experience and I managed to save my leg from amputation.


I spent nine months in bed and I used that time to take classes and courses online and

to explore the mystery of completeness and happiness.

Then I was introduced to two American methods that - among other things - helped me to find my own truths by using these simple and incredible tools.


The purpose of these methods is to get us to the point where we are sufficiently conscious to create changes in ourselves so that we can increase the possibility of changing the trauma, drama, and insanities that present in life because we are the source of the desired change.

I believe that we are all different, there are no rules, and that if we all agree with it, we can achieve the same results. Through making conscious choices, we can get to ourselves and create an attitude that can continuously create our lives, and create miracles.

I moved back from San Francisco in 2018, and since then I have been teaching these methods, holding workshops in Budapest, all around Europe, and online.


The changes that my class participants and private clients have created in their lives with these simple tools are admirable.


My favorite topics are; money, creation, body, committing to your life, cultural shock, relationship,

break-up, reboot-, & start life afresh, letting go of all the limiting POVs, habits & beliefs.


My passionate slogan: You always have a choice!